We help technology companies groom engineers into leaders

Capable engineers often struggle to transition from a technical to a more people-oriented role. Engineers might be good with software and hardware but not so at “people-ware”

Challenges such as:

✔️ Getting more senior in the company and have to manage and mentor people but don’t know how
✔️ Unable to adjust to a new role and being stuck in operating like their previous role
✔️ Difficulties in speaking up and communicating well due to lack of confidence / skillsets
✔️ Having a hard time convincing stakeholders, handling conflicts or being assertive when needed

Leadership Coaching and Training for Engineers

For engineers by engineers

✅ Teachings are immediately applicable to real life situations faced in technology companies like 1:1s, sprint plannings, retrospectives and design reviews

Gain soft skills

✅ Explicit communication, building relationships, expressing thoughts coherently, managing stakeholders and more

Overcoming internal barriers

✅ Simply knowing what to do is not enough. Engineers need to feel confident in their execution, and assured enough to make the right decisions. New leaders are often plagued with imposter syndrome, self doubts and uncertainty

Engaging and empowering

✅ Direct, honest feedback given in a way that your engineers can receive. Such that they have a reality check of where they are and how to improve