Growing from an engineer to a leader is difficult and you know you are capable of more

Who is this for?

You are a senior engineer, team lead or engineering manager and some of the following sounds familiar:

  • You are getting more senior in your company and have to manage and mentor people but you don’t know how
  • You feel your technical skills are decent but you are unsure of how to get more visibility and show more impact
  • You have a hard time convincing stakeholders or handling conflicts with people
  • You feel a lack of confidence or imposter syndrome when given leadership roles
  • Your reserved or introverted nature has prevented you from speaking up and communicating well
  • You are not sure whether you’re doing the right thing when it comes to management, 1:1s etc.
  • You are working very hard but don’t feel validated
  • You are not able to make an impact at the level you wanted… and it is causing a lot of self doubt
"You would want to work with Yan Yi to implement various engineering processes, coaching of engineers for top performance, leading a team and building and maintaining critical system applications"
Victor Liew
CTO and Co-founder, Xfers
Forbes 30 Under 30
"I felt more comfortable speaking up in meetings and sharing my experience. I’m definitely improving and making an impact – people are coming to me on their own to ask for help”
Dan Liu
Tech Lead
chris nababan
"I understood how to deal with crisis, how to balance my attitude towards my team (not too nice but also not too strict), how to lead discussions properly, and how to manage an efficient schedule. The conclusions after every session are very clear and the action points are feasible, thus can be put into practice immediately"
Chris Nababan
Mobile Lead

You know yourself… you want a trusted coach and advisor to walk you through every step of the way so you can avoid feeling stressed, out of place and uncertain.

No more reading management books with helpful tips but no idea how to bridge the gap from theory to your specific real life context.

No more doubting whether you have what it takes… and whether leadership and soft skills is something you just don’t have.

You want someone who is able to stand strongly for your growth, challenge you, encourage you, and point out your blind spots.

That’s where I come in!

My 5 months VIP Personalised Breakthrough Program is a partnership where you:

Gain self confidence

✅ You’ll learn how to speak up, be assertive and give presentations even if you are shy or introverted

✅ I’ll work with you to tackle your insecurities and self doubts so you are not trapped by them anymore

✅ Together we will find your personal power and stand in it so you can be truly confident

Become a competent team leader

✅ You’ll learn how to manage timelines, projects and stakeholders without feeling overwhelmed

✅ I’ll give you honest, direct, actionable feedback on your strengths and weaknesses

✅ You’ll know how to manage teams to produce results

Position yourself for high visibility

✅ You’ll learn how to facilitate and take charge of meetings for greater impact

✅ We’ll co-create a plan for you to network and build relationship with people

✅ You’ll learn how to be comfortable talking about yourself and show off what you do without being fake

Get shortlisted for promotions

✅ You’ll learn how to attract sponsors to help with your promotion

✅ We’ll uncover the expectations for your role and strategise how to exceed them

✅ You’ll be well prepared for any opportunities that come your way instead of wasting golden moments

“In my first year of managing people, I worked like a robot. Working with you provided me fresh perspectives of professional relationships and people problems“
Oka Suryanegara
Engineering Manager
loong fuo
"My engineer has become less "anxious". In the past, I can hear a "scream" inside his head whenever he was given a task that's outside of his comfort zone. But there is more confidence and looking forwardness now, so it gives off a different kind of assurance that he can get the job done"
Bobby Keong
Engineering Manager
“I felt anxious because I just wasn’t really confident in myself, and also didn’t know how to improve my abilities. Talking to you really helped me figure out what I can do”
Bebe Hu
Senior Frontend Developer
"Initially there were a lot of hurdles that I had to overcome and after the sessions I found myself again and gained that confidence. I'm on the right track towards becoming a well respected senior engineer"
William Huang
Senior Software Engineer
"I understood on a much deeper level what my real issue is instead of heading in a totally wrong direction to solve the problem. I'm very thankful of the coaching sessions, classmates and Yan Yi!"
Yu Chi Yu
Technical Lead
“This coaching program offered me a chance to relook at myself, my goals and behaviour towards other people. I built up my confidence and feel that I’m not alone”
Albert Vo
Software Engineer

I only work with 20 Engineering Leaders each year in this VIP program. My approach is high touch and customised to you.

You’ll have easy access to me through private coaching sessions, text messaging and recordings of our sessions.

If you are ready for VIP support to build a solid foundation for your career, apply here and let’s chat.

Fill out this short application form below to tell me a bit about yourself.

I’ll follow up to set up a get-to-know-you Discovery Call.

We will dive deep into your current situation, goals and obstacles you are facing.

The purpose of this step is to understand where exactly is your bottleneck and what you hope to achieve.

I will also take you through the VIP Personalised Breakthrough Program in more detail.

Cheers to your success,

Yan Yi

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